Sport Stacking is an exciting individual and team sport where participants stack and un-stack 12 specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequence.
Sport Stacking is now one of the world's fastest growing sports. Sport Stacking is not just about stacking cups. It is about stacking against the clock and then beating your best time. It is:

  • fun
  • boosts co-ordination
  • promotes the use of both sides of the brain
  • highly competitive
  • suitable for people of all ages!

So check out the Links above for an in depth look at the world of Speed Stacking and the huge benefits your child/students will have playing this growing sport.

Speed Stacks is the official sport stacking equipment of the World Sport
Stacking Association (WSSA) and we are the exclusive distributor of Speed Stacks in Ireland.
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  • Learn to Stack tutorial

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